Welcome to ‘diff Graff – showcasing all the graffiti and street art from around Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Most large cities seem to have a healthy street art scene and associated websites but it seems a lot of the good stuff isn’t being recorded and shared for everyone to appreciate here in Cardiff – so the main aim of this website is to do just that!

The best of the graff from the diff.

Not sure on the title of the website? Well it’s a subtle play on the phrase ‘giff gaff’ and also introducing the unofficial title of the Capital City of Wales – known locally as ‘The Diff’ – so ‘diff graff it was! (Answers on a postcard if you can think of something a bit more fitting!)

Feel free to join WordPress and become a regular contributor to the site and post your own Flickr pictures, Youtube videos and links to events you want.

‘diff Graff


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  1. Mandy says:

    Looking to get some street artists to decorate streets for a market event in Grangetown. So literally stenciling roads, crossings pavements etc in non permanent paint. Can anyone help?

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  2. DIff Graff says:

    Hi Mandy – there are LOADS of Cardiff based artists that could help you with your project. Its probably best to post it over at the Facebook page where we can tag some of the potential artists in the post and start a conversation.

    Best of luck!




  3. So brilliant! Diff Graff serves a great purpose in showing off the amazing street art of the city. Nice and clear look too!

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