Banksy confirmed as Port Talbot artist

World reknown artist Banksy has visited the South Wales town of Port Talbot for his latest piece of street art.

Banksy Port Talbot

Featured on a grey breese-block wall in the Taibach area of the town – the work encompasses two sides of a back street garage sprayed in Banksy’s familiar style.

One local resident from Caradog Road said,

“I left for work in the morning and there was nothing there.
When I got home at 5pm it had appeared.”

Whereas another resident spotted the artist at work and said,

“I came home at lunchtime and spotted a grey trailer by the shed with someone hanging around by there.
I then left and went back to work and then the artwork was there.”

An other resident claimed that the art was created late on Monday night with residents starting to spot it during Tuesday morning.

Banksy Port Talbot

Viewed from one side there is fuel being burnt with ash and pollution rising into the atmosphere.

Whilst if you spin 90 degrees viewing the other wall a young child is depicted rejoicing in what appears to be some of the white stuff falling on them … (no not that white stuff but some snow!)

Banksy, Port Talbot
Banksy Port Talbot

Whereas viewed together this is an acknowledgement that Port Talbot was listed as the most polluted area of the UK in a recent study.

Which was then later amended due to the incorrect figures being released by the World Heath Organisation.

Banksy Port Talbot
Banksy Port Talbot

This is believed to be Banksy’s first documented artwork in Wales with a spokesperson for Banksy saying,

“Just how tight is Bxxxx?

What is believed to be the graffiti artists first foray into Wales has coincided with the scrapping of the severn bridge toll. Was the £5 charge all that was stopping him? Will we see lots more in the future?”

Banksy Spokesperson

A big thank you to Kelsey Redmore for rapidly supplying the images.

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. . . . Season’s greetings . . .

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A video has been posted on the Banksy Instagram account confirming that Banksy did paint this piece. An errie snowflake sound track accompanies the video.


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