Peaceful Progress:The video

One of the most prolific and longest serving street artists in Cardiff has to be Bryce Davies. The name may not be instantly recognisable but hopefully his work that has graced the streets of Cardiff is!

Most walls around the city featuring a dragon or stars of sport have been Bryce’s work under his long term moniker ‘Peaceful Progress

Credit: Peaceful Progress

To document 20 years in the business Bryce has teamed up with local film maker Paul Allen to record his journey from the very beginning – all in his own words.

All of Peaceful Progress’s work on Diff Graff can be viewed via the link below:-

Dragon street art by Peaceful Progress
Capital for Sport by Peaceful Progress

Credit: Peaceful Progress

The film documents the opening of a show at the Boiler House, Davies’ studio titled ‘Light vs Dark’ in November 2016.

In the show he reflects on a life of graffiti work and a life touched by death, most significantly that of his father when he was young.

The director, Paul Allen, describes the project:-

Initially the film aimed to document the exhibition, but conversations with Bryce made me realise that there was a lot more to this story than painting on walls.

From skateboarding to breakdancing, hip-hop and Cakehole Presley (the legendary Cardiff band), Bryce’s story is a celebration of Cardiff’s underground scene and how community defines his work. – Paul Allen, Director

Street art - Capital for SportEly Racecourse street art by Peaceful Progress

Credit: Peaceful Progress

In this candid video Bryce talks about his humble beginnings with graffiti through to skateboarding and hip hop.

Bryce’s talents have developed and matured over the years where he can now be found providing commissions for companies and festivals in South Wales and throughout the whole of the UK too – a selection are posted throughout this post.

Peaceful Progress street at The Printhaus, Cardiff
Millennium Walkway Street Art
Peaceful Progress, Cardiff BayPeaceful Progress art in Cardiff Bay skatepark
Peaceful Progress: Riverside

Bryce originally helped create the successful Boiler House Project near Hailey Park which attracted a whole host of artists to paint in a safe and hassle free environment to help hone their skills – which has recently moved to it’s new location near Victoria Park.

Included in this video are snap shots of Bryce in his workshop and at the Light vs Dark Exhibition which he held recently at The Boiler House.

Empty Walls 2014:Best, Peaceful Progress, Sinstars
Peaceful Progress street art, Cardiff
Street art: Not in my name by Peaceful Progress

Bryce has been almost instrumental in the continuing development of street art and graffiti in Cardiff hosting sessions at schools and other workshops showcasing the positive things the art can bring.

I could post all the pictures here but in the video Bryce brings the pictures to life by telling the stories and background to each painting.

The film has now been screened in Missouri and Maastricht – and has won ‘Best Welsh Factual’ film in the Cardiff Mini-Film Festival.

Watch the full video below:-

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