Grenfell Tower

London's Burning

Grenfell Tower | 2017As the nation rallies around to help all those affected by the devastating fire at the Grenfell Tower in London – many people want to express their feelings in a number of ways.

Some are helping out in the community, some providing food and shelter whereas others are taking to the streets to paint to express their feeling on the tragedy and what has happened since.

In Cardiff local based artist Oner has taken to a wall in Callaghan Square to paint a tribute and express his views on the disaster.

Grenfell Tower street art
Grenfell Tower street art

The work contains the large letters of ‘Grenfell’ along with hard hitting phrase ‘The Grenfell Murders’ – feelings are running high and someone is responsible for these unecessary deaths where the truth and justice needs to prevail and find those responsible.

Grenfell Tower street artGrenfell Tower street art
Grenfell Tower street art

Some neat little touches like the heart symbol in London and painted so close to the work from Unity nearby.

Grenfell Tower street art
Grenfell Tower street art
Grenfell Tower street art
Grenfell Tower street art
Grenfell Tower street art

Also artists have painted in West London near an underpass close to the site that had claimed so many lives.
Big thanks to Alex Ellison for capturing these images.

We Are One

Common themes in all the street art is for unity, truth and justice.

Grenfell Tower
Grenfell TowerTruth for Grenfell Tower

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Yesterday my NHS & CBM brothers @mental_metski @nicknevern @djangomankub @deko7861 @valspar_vinny @skam1izm @neboe17 came together….to those who have lost their lives, to those who are still missing, to the families, to the friends, to the ones we have lost, to the firefighters, the nurses & doctors, to the places that opened their doors for the community of west London, to the many who volunteered, to those who donated, to those who are still helping the survivors that this government has failed ….To West London and the rest of the Uk…WE ARE ONE….🕯JUSTICE FOR GRENFELL 🕯#justice4grenfell #justiceforgrenfell #grenfell #grenfelltower #northkensington #graffiti #graffitiuk #grafflondon #graffitiwriter #graffitiphotography #instagraffiti #graffitiart #graffitiporn #graffitiwall #instagraff #aerosolart #spraypaint #urbangraff #graffitigram #graffitilife #instaart #graffitilovers #bombing #handstyles

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Initial reactions have now changed to political swipes at the Prime Minister Theresea May whom has visited the site on a couple of occasions which have not necessarily gone down well in the local communities.

Get Theresa May out grafitti in Brighton RIP Grenfell inside the letter o
Grenfell by The Artful Dodger, Crystal Palace


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