Kennard Phillips – State of the Nation

A huge lightbox has spanned the entrance to Chapter Arts Centre for many years now with a host of artists displaying work across the large backlit canvas.

As the previous work from Artes Mundi finalist Nastio Mosquito was covered up over two days – it left a great mashup of the old and incoming new work from Kennard Phillips side by side.

Kennard Phillips at Chapter, Cardiff

Contrary to popular belief Kennard Phillips is also a mashup – between two artists – Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips who have worked together since 2002 to produce art in response to the invasion of Iraq.

This new work is commissioned by Chapter and Ffotogallery as part of the Diffusion Festival 2017. Where the festival runs from 1–31 May and more information is available at

“Their work is made as a critical tool that connects to international movements for social and political change.”

Kennard Phillips at Chapter, Cardiff
Kennard Phillips at Chapter, Cardiff

Here the artists have used everyday materials like newspaper, paint and photocollage/montage to create this vast masterpiece.

A large, multi million pound yacht is pictured crashing into an NHS A & E sign whilst mobile phones frantically check share prices and check out the latest protests. This really is a true depiction of the state of the nation!

Kennard Phillips at Chapter, Cardiff
Kennard Phillips at Chapter, Cardiff
Addressing the contemporary issues featuring the essence from financial insecurities, mobile phone obsessions, wealth and the general state of the nation since Brexit and Trump occurred.

“In State of the Nations, resistance to the status quo is embedded in the deconstruction of news images and narratives built from everyday materials, photomontage and text. Digging deep into the surface of words and images to visualise the connection between the oppressed majority and the political and financial elites of the everyday, remixing earlier work and creating new artwork addressing contemporary issues relating to Trump, Brexit, the refugee and migrant crisis and nuclear proliferation.” – Diffusion Festival Website

Kennard Phillips at Chapter, Cardiff
Kennard Phillips at Chapter, Cardiff

Previously Kennard Phillips have visited Banksy’s Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare and the Nuart Festival in Stavanger.

Some of their previous work is displayed below:-


Nuart festival, Stavanger

Nuart festival, Stavanger

Nuart 2016 Stavanger

Let’s hope some more of their work is displayed around Cardiff too! /hoping


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