St Smurfs Day

March the 1st, 2017 and who needs an excuse to paint in the Welsh capital on St David’s Day?

Here local artists Unity and Past painted along the hoardings surrounding the new construction near Hailey Park and created these colourful beauties.


On a vibrant Welsh red background Unity’s glorious 3d tag is top and tailed with some great Smurf characters courtesy of Past.

Whilst Smurfette is exclaiming ‘Yikes’ at that caterpillar – a Smurf at the other end is wishing everyone ‘Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus‘ – A Happy St Davids Day to the uninitiated!

And to top off the Welsh theme some glorious daffodils were also added to the piece.

A massive thanks to the artists for painting these pieces and also to James Thomas who has perfectly captured their work.
Check out more of his great street art pictures on his Flickr page:-

These Smurf characters have also recently been popping up all around Cardiff with some more at Sevenoaks Park and some at The Millennium Walkway.
Street Art
Smurf street art


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