Street art by Neil Patterson


Street art by Neil Patterson
Chameleon street art in Liverpool by Neil Patterson

It was quite a strange experience the first time I really opened my eyes to it.
I was wandering around Liverpool in early 2014 when I noticed this kinda strange chameleon on a wall. I remember as I glanced around it caught my eye and I felt compelled to take a picture of it before I went on my way. The more I looked at the photo the more I wanted to know why it was there, who did it? and what was the point of doing it ‘illegally’? (as it wasn’t what I thought was typical graffiti) Doesn’t this cost a fortune to do? And why wasn’t in a “legal” art gallery and museum?

Late 2014, I went to a Xmas ball in Bristol, afterwards the chameleon had made such an impression on me that I thought while I’m in Bristol I’d check out some of “Banksy’s” stuff as he was the only street artist I’d heard of at the time.

So with a full blown hangover (what can I say!)
I ventured out and it certainly opened my eyes wide open…

I saw this hidden world (or perhaps the real Bristol) I discovered that there wasn’t just Banksy but a huge range of amazing street artists producing amazing art! (I didn’t know who did what at that time!)

Street art by Neil Patterson
Banksy street art in Bristol by Neil Patterson

I think we all experience that ‘moment’, where you want to tell your mates or family but they don’t seem to understand the world of street arts. You end up spending more and more time trying to discover it on your own.

It’s difficult to find information about where these hidden gems for anyone but one small issue I find for me I am deaf and use sign language.
That makes it, not impossible, but hard to speak to hearing artists/hearing people who are into street arts and know where to go. None of them can use sign language and that can be frustrating for me as I want to share my experience and learn more. Fortunately I have Instagram and a camera which helps hugely to break down the communication sound barrier.

Being deaf ain’t gonna to stop me and I have met some lovely people – yet I haven’t met another person who is deaf or hearing, who can sign like me.

Street art by Neil Patterson
Stik street art by Neil Patterson

Anyway so here I am now two years on, a bit wiser and with a bit more knowledge. What I have discovered more than anything is although sometimes you can get lucky and come across something by chance, you have to find street art the hard way, there is no map you can follow. You have to know people, you have to make an effort and go to events, go out searching to discover what’s out there .

The hardest thing is getting people to trust you and tell you where things are, you have to be able to keep the location a secret!
But isn’t that all part of the fun?

Finally, I want to show you few snaps from Cardiff as I love Rmer1 and Colour Doomed and abcdefghelens there.Street art by Neil Patterson


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