Breakin the Bay 2016

Breakin’ The Bay is a free annual Hip Hop festival held at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay.

It’s billed as a celebration of Hip Hop culture covering the elements of DJ and MCing along with graffiti and street art too.

This year it was held over the last two weekends of July – where the event attracted thousands of supporters from across Cardiff and visitors from even further afield too.

Breakin the Bay 2016

13775366_799394983531056_4282339949590598847_nOn Saturday morning the artists began work on the white hoardings that has been specially erected along part of Roald Dahl Plas.

Cardiff based artist Rmer painted this colourful Bengal tiger skull taking centre stage on one set of boards.

Breakin the Bay 2016


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#bengaltiger #tigerbay #cruelvapours

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Breakin the Bay 2016

Painting alongside Rmer were Hoxe and Twesh with more pink and blue writing.



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Hoxe Rmer Twesh @hoxe0ne @rmerism @tweshone

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Breakin the Bay 2016

Breakin the Bay 2016

Looked amazing at night!

The other board was filled by artists Karm, Soker, Tizer and Ink Fetish aka Tom Blackford who painted this character in the centre of the board.

Breakin the Bay 2016

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Lurking at the end of this board was a character from Tizer in a similar colour palette complete with striking yellow attire and another brother at the other end too.
Breakin the Bay 2016

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Just incase there was some bad weather a few of the boards were located under the over-hang of the Wales Millennium Centre where 3Dom and Epok painted this masterpiece.

Breakin the Bay 2016
Breakin the Bay 2016
Breakin the Bay 2016Breakin the Bay 2016

Breakin the Bay 2016

Also painting under the over-hang was News with this creation.
Whereas inside the WMC there was music and dancing filling the arena with hip hop, beatboxing and some dance offs taking place throughout the whole weekend.

Breakin the Bay 2016

And so the first day was over and it was time to black out the boards ready for Sunday’s work.

A quick selection of Sunday’s offering from Instagram only as it clashed with the Upfest happening in Bristol over the same weekend.
Also big thanks to Barry Diamond for taking some great snaps of the work! Its appreciated.

@tizerid caught in the act. #andweweregettingonsowell

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These dons @hoxe0ne @rmerism @tizerid 👀🔥

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Shouts to @dr_shucksdable_id @kidcrow_id @bronkrhc

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