Look up Bridgend!

Most major cities across the UK have some sort of art culture with areas that attract some decent street art but step outside most of these cities and this dwindles to almost nothing.

These smaller towns and cities are missing out on what creative street art can bring to an area and so someone has decided it was time to unearth some creative juices on the South Wales town of Bridgend.

lookupbgnCredit: Look Up Bridgend

Co-ordinated by local photographer Dan Green, who put out a request earlier this year for artists to signup to the ‘Look up Bridgend’ project, he has managed to turn around the whole event in literally just a few weeks! (Well done that man!)

We’re looking for an array of creative talent to get involved and decorate three large exterior walls & an outdoor gallery area in the heart of the town.

I like the idea that the artwork displayed has roots in the area – either directly about Bridgend and its history or simply that the artist comes from the town.

We’re looking for graffiti/mural artists,photographers, illustrators, painters, poets, sculptors, graphic designers and any relevant artists.” – Dan Green’s Request

Answering Dan’s call were a group of artists who descended on Market Street in Bridgend and added their creative brush strokes to the urban project – whether that be street art, illustration, painting, poetry or paste-ups.

Luckily each artist that has taken part has been documenting the progress of their own work on Instagram with a selection of photos from Cardiff-based artists Rmer and Colourdoomed below.

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Update #lookup

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Head in the clouds, Bridgend. #LookUpBNG

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This'll be sick #lookup @colourdoomed πŸ‘Œ

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The main outside gallery is sandwiched up a small alley between two old bricked buildings – one of which is The Star public house and the other Bad Habits skate shop.

Look up is a project to brighten up Bridgend’s surroundings through art and regeneration.

This new outdoor gallery space celebrates local creative talent with the artworks on show.” – Look Up BGN Website

The exterior of The Star pub has also had a makeover with the battered old sign being carefully recreated by Nick Morgan.

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Progress shot. Day 4. So far I have scraped around 12 different colours of paint from the raised concrete fascade, reveal some beautiful old (but extremely faint) lettering, managed to pick out the old lettering and fill in the gaps where it wasn't visible, paint the lettering back in to its original shape, add a metallic gold bevel, paint the whole raised plaque with an olive masonry paint and take this photo. Next stages are to cut in around the lettering. Add a black stroke with one shot lettering enamel, add a drop shadow and I will be done…….oh no I forgot that I have to paint a 4 metre high 'Welsh Feathers' on the lower square fascade.

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Update. Complete. Given the whole thing a second coat in oneshot, outlined the motif with a gold stroke, added the lettering, added a bit of red bling and gone over the whole thing with masonry olive green and sealer for a little more protection. This thing is going to be here for a while. Hope to see you all for the showcase of artists work, here at @badhabits_skatestore / The Star Public house tomorrow – Saturday 4th April from Midday onwards. #sign #signs #SignWriter #signwriting #signpainter #signpainting #oneshot #enamel #thestar #star #starwars #badhabits #princeofwales #threefeathers #lettering #rain #lovemyjob #traditional #bridgend #lookupbridgend #lookup #wales

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Natasha Cartwright is a 20 year old illustrator from Bridgend and has been busy adding her tattooed girl to the alley’s walls.

Deremyre John is a young aspiring artist and has added her own work to the rough surfaced walls of the alley.

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First piece of art's up. #lookup

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Everybody is keen to expand this project across the town and can see over-looked buildings and spaces in Bridgend as potential canvases for artistes to decorate and uplift.

Hopefully this is just the beginning…..”

A major thanks to everyone for posting images on Instagram and best of luck with the rest of the project.

The project is officially open from midday on Saturday 4th April and will be available to view through til the summer.

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