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Empty Walls Street Jam:3Dom

The Empty Walls Street Jam invited a host of local street artists to paint on some hoardings near the Millennium Stadium as part of the larger Empty Walls festival held in 2014. Nearly every inch of the rotting hoardings were painted on apart from one section that never got much attention at the official event …….. until now!

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk The space was utilised by local artist Spk who painted next to a stationary skip that had occupied this space for a while.  

Painting on the flaking white canvas Spk had created a colourful character in yellow and red striped attire carrying a smaller creature on his back whilst grasping that pole! The spinning disk at the top didn’t survive that long mind!

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk

Set in the shadow of Millennium Stadium the blue winklepicker wearing character supports the pole whilst also supporting the younger member in their back sack. (A back sack? Really?)

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk

Glancing towards The Abacus and Kera’s work from The Empty Walls Festival it wasn’t just the spinning disk that vanished as the whole piece didn’t last much longer either.

Empty Walls Street Jam by Spk

It seems Spk’s work was whitewashed over then later on some taggers used the spot for their own work too. Also a message was left to ‘the fool’ who whitewashed the wall! Anyone know what the full story is here?

Street art and graffiti in Cardiff Street art and graffiti in Cardiff


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  1. Robin Banks says:

    Here’s complete the story (based on graf gossip!)….

    SPK aka claimed the empty spot legitimately … with approval from the ABACUS (COLOUR DOOMED etc) …
    a lollypop was the finishing touch on top of the pole..
    …hence the character “licking” … the WIND took that!

    At a later point ZEVOH painted over the area firstly with white emulsion then a chrome throw up… without consulting anyone…
    Its clear at this point there was no “previous” conflict with SPK as he tends to steer clear of this and just prefers to paint quietly.

    A day or so later number of friends of SPK visited the area to paint… (angered by ZEVOH disrespect) they “lined out” the ZEVOH throw up… (lining out means spray painting lines across a piece indiscriminately… the ultimate insult in graf terms!).. in a show of solidarity. Its speculated to be members of older established crews from Cardiff and Bristol.

    ZEVOH responded by sending COLOUR DOOMED messages online… (its worth pointing out the ZEVOH has painted over many of COLOUR DOOMED elaborate art pieces in previous months with similar throw ups).

    …It is assumed that ZEVOH concluded that he was somehow given “approval” to paint there … though this has NOT been supported by the ABACUS and associates…

    ZEVOH sprayed the message (aimed at the people who “Lined Out”) “speak to colour doomed before …. ”

    Tho this doesn’t really make sense to anyone other than ZEVOH?..

    .. The wind had the last word anyway and blew down all the hoardings away… 🙂 haha …

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  2. Diff Graff says:

    Thanks for updating us all on that one.
    So it sounds like the graffiti equivalent of handbags at dawn then!

    Yeah a shame Zevoh has been spoiling some of the better work around these parts.


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