Space GIF-iti

INSA is a hugely influential and respected UK graffiti artist who specialises in taking photographs of his artwork in various states to create an animated version which he has named ‘GIF-iti’

In late 2014 Insa travelled to Rio De Janeiro with a team of 20 people to set out on a uniquely ambitious art project :- to create the world’s largest animated GIF!

The giant animated artwork was painted on the ground in Rio in four stages, over four days and measured a total of 57,515m2 (made up of four images measuring 14,379m2 each), all captured by a pair of satellites over 400 miles up in the sky (too many numbers!)

Insa captured the event and featured photos and video on his Insagram feed and posted the final video on Youtube for everyone to enjoy.
Click play below to watch how the whole project was carried out and hear Insa’s explanation of the process.

Over four days the team took to the concrete canvas and marked out the intricate pattern ready for a host of people to paint in pink and yellow.

Each time the paint had dried the pattern was moved and portions painted again and again to create a total of four images to allow a series of images to create the illusion of movement.


The need to be creative, the need to kind of explore ideas is a necessity, but to take away that would be to take away everything.” – INSA.

INSA has now created an iPhone app which allows you to view his artwork at the actual location and watch it spring into life with the help of augmented reality (and an internet connection!)

To download the app and see it in action – it’s available via the website


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