Sealock street art

Cardiff Bay-Wetlands

Littered along the Taff Trail are a few legal walls for street art with one near the start of the trail in Cardiff Bay.

Set under the busy A4232 road that connects both parts of the bay together near the Cardiff Yacht Club – this definately adds some interest to an otherwise homogeneously transformed docks area of Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay-Sealock Grafitti

Cardiff Bay-Sealock Grafitti

Located at the Windsor Esplanade entrance to Hamadryad Park – the Sealock artwork was painted in 2009 and features the maritime history of these vital docks from when it was once the busiest dock in the world.

The art depicts coal miners, wildlife, lock gates, the mud flats, fishermen and the diverse cultures that these docks attracted from across the whole world.

Local artist Kyle Legall was commissioned by the Cardiff Harbour authority to work with pupils from Fitzalan High School to create this masterpiece.
Luckily they captured the event and produced a short video showing how much time and effort went into the work.

Cardiff Bay-Sealock Grafitti

SeaLock Grafitti


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