Lights, Camera, Acton.

Standing heads and shoulders above the West London skyline are a group of ageing tower blocks condemed and awaiting the end of their natural life. The writing is truly on the wall for these buildings!

Here in Acton new ‘luxury’ apartments are rising from where the old are being demolished tower by tower.
So it only seemed right that international artist Stik paid a visit to Charles Hocking House to add one of his trademark murals to the 125 foot tall tower block before it went forever!


Previously homeless artist Stik decided to act on an issue close to his heart and chose to paint a mother holding her child whilst she watches the destruction and so-called progress being created around what was once their home.

Social housing in Britain is under threat, this piece is to remind the world that all people need homes.” – Stik press release

Stik Street Art in Acton

Stik Street Art in Acton

Construction work continued opposite the piece that Stik has named ‘The Big Mother’ where he has uploaded a video to his Youtube channel showing footage of it being created – filmed via a drone!

Stik Street Art in Acton

Charles Hocking House was built for low income families in 1967 and is earmarked to be torn down in 2016.

This is a multi-cultural diverse area with parents waiting to pick up their children from the nearby school whilst other wait for the impending doom of the bulldozers.

Just where do all these people get re-housed?

We would like to make it clear that nobody living on the old estate is being pushed out. The plans for the estate were developed with residents’ full cooperation.

Previously 80% of residents wanted to stay on the estate whereas now 80% want to move away.
Half the ‘luxury’ apartments being built in the new block opposite the artwork are affordable, and many of the residents from Charles Hocking House will be moving there.” – Ealing Council spokesperson

Stik Street Art in Acton

At low level there was another small painting by Stik showing a small family complete with a dispondent look on their faces.
Just how the artist manages to portray such emotion is a real talent as there is only the positioning of the eyes to create it!

Stik Street Art in Acton

Stik Street Art in Acton

Stik Street Art in Acton

This was only a fleeting visit to the West London estate and rain threatened at first but as the sun was setting there was a final blast of sunshine to illuminate the already bright yellow artwork making it even more striking with the glow from the sun and the addition of Autumny shadows.

Stik Street Art in Acton

Stik Street Art in Acton

Stik Street Art in Acton

At 125 feet in height this is certainly the tallest piece of street art in the United Kingdom and possibly throughout Europe. Well worth a visit before it disappears when the building is demolished in 2016.


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