Someone’s made a right Owl-er!

colourbritain1dPrivate companies and advertising departments have seen the merit of utilising street art to get their message across with Dulux recently visiting Cardiff as part of their ‘Colour Britain’ campaign.
Read more about that campaign here:- But someone else has since visited our city for another marketing campaign!

After a VERY successful Empty Walls street art festival was held across Cardiff earlier in the year and all the positive comments generated towards street art, the actual artists and how it enhanced the environment it was with utter shock to hear that one of the most striking pieces had already been painted over.

Empty Walls 2014:Best, Peaceful Progress, Sinstars
See more of the original photos of Peaceful Progress’s Owl here:-

It was with even more shock to find out that it wasn’t by some taggers or another artist but in fact a private company that had come and painted a charity message over this amazing owl located on Wood Street.

The Dog’s Trust had commissioned artists ‘Id iom‘ to paint numerous pieces of artwork across Britain as part of the Dog’s Trust Christmas campaign.
Credit: Id iom twitter

The actual artists used here look really talented people and have admitted in their original tweet that it was a shame to paint over the striking owl! But alas that’s commercial activities for you!

We are shocked to announce that Best’s owl has been painted over. lasting only 1month a dogs Trust uses ‘Street Art’ as a marketing campaign and destroys his work! We are really disappointed that we weren’t informed and after planning the festival for a year it feels like a heavy blow.” – EmptyWalls Facebook Page

Empty Walls 2014:Best, Peaceful Progress, Sinstars

Of all the big names and huge pieces that were created for the Empty Walls festival this was the one piece that seemed to get most people’s attention and was in a fantastic location for all to observe.

The Dog’s Trust claim they did get permission to use this wall but it still totally goes against all the hard work and planning that went into the original piece and the festival.
A striking piece of street art that lasted only a few weeks on a prime city-centre wall to make way for a marketing campaign.

The original artist Bryce Davies spoke to BBC Radio Wales and aired his genuine disappointment with what has happened but added that The Dog’s Trust will allow him to repaint the wall again and did also apologise to him. Listen below.

Empty Walls 2014:Best, Peaceful Progress, Sinstars


Well I couldnt resist the last image!

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