Empty Walls 2014: Dan Green paste up

Dan Green is a photographer based in Cardiff, who specialises in photographing people and communities in their natural environment.
His photos can be seen pasted throughout Europe and closer to home in projects based around Cardiff.

Here Dan is taking part in the Empty Walls Festival and has pasted-up a giant photo on the back of Marland House near the central bus station in Cardiff city centre.

EMPTY WALLS 2014: Dan Green

EMPTY WALLS 2014: Dan Green

The month long Empty Walls festival aims to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff with artists travelling in from Germany, Italy, Montevideo, Spain and France and also from London, Bristol and Cardiff too.

Dan’s work features Welsh musician Guto Dafis whom is from Cardiff and regularly plays a melodeon – and features traditional Welsh music, song and Breton dance music.

Guto’s Facebook page describes his music as:-

Guto Dafis sings songs with warmth, sincerity and dry humour. He accompanies himself in distinctive style on the melodeon. He is also a storyteller, and his storytelling skills and attitude show in the way he puts a song across. His material grows from his musical background and personal landscape – a mix of traditional songs in Welsh, and songs in English by Welsh songwriters.

Dan’s photo shows Guto playing the melodeon dressed in a waistcoat and cap – where you can almost hear the music waft around the back streets of the city….

EMPTY WALLS 2014: Dan Green

EMPTY WALLS 2014: Dan Green


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