Breakin’ the Bay

Breakin’ the Bay is the Wales Millennium Centre’s annual celebration of hip-hop culture where they stage two days of showcases featuring all elements of Hip-hop, Breakin’, Street Dance, Deejaying, MC-ing and Graffiti Art.

Over the bank holiday weekend there was performances from Grassroots, Beatbox Fozzy, Amy True, The Mouse Outfit ft. Dr. Syntax & Sparkz and Beatbox Collective.

With all the music inside it was all the artists that were located outside the WMC just under the familiar ‘In these stones’ frontage sheltering from the bad weather.

The graffiti artists painting over the weekend included RMER, Hoxe, Siren, Twesh, Sokem, Tizer and Karm.

Luckily Huw Evans battled with the weather and ventured down the bay to capture the street art and also the extreme sailing series that was also in the bay.





Luckily the writers themselves also took the odd Instagram too! (phew)

Hoxe is the man

A post shared by Tizer (@tizerid) on

Time to outline #tizer

A post shared by Tizer (@tizerid) on

It says "Tizer" Just incase you can't read.

A post shared by Tizer (@tizerid) on

Big thanks to Huw Evans and everyone else for capturing the event with their cameras!


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