Support the Empty Walls 2014 Festival

After the success of the first Empty Walls festival held in Cardiff in 2013 it’s now time to launch another one for 2014.

Last year 12 local, national and international artists were invited to Cardiff to create art on ’empty walls’ to enhance the environment through the media of street art.

Run street art in Cardiff

This year it’s going to be bigger and better with 20 artists invited – so much so that to assist with costs for things like accomodation, materials and scissor-lifts a Kickstarter page has been created to help fund some of the festival.


The directors of the festival are local artists Helen Bur and Sam Worthington who have already raised over £1000 in the space of a week – with the target of £1500 getting ever closer.

This year the festival is utilising a similar theme successfully used at the Dulwich art festival where inspiration was taken from classic artwork – and here they are proposing to have access to Cardiff Museum’s collection of artworks to draw upon Welsh folklore and heritage. (All sounds VERY interesting!)

Run street art in Cardiff
Empty Walls: Helen BurEmpty Walls: Phlegm

Our aim is to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city of Cardiff by creating an outdoor gallery of public murals. – “Empty Walls Festival”

Previously the festival was set around Roath but will spread it’s wings into the City Centre, Grangetown and possibly further!

It really does bring a vibrant buzz to a City when there is an art festival in town where they can remove some eyesores or really bland walls with the addition of street art! The work can really enhance an area and is well worth supporting.

Pledge your support at:-

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