(IF) Instagram Friday by The Real Deal Peel

We are running a weekly look at some amazing photos that users are posting on Instagram featuring street art and graffiti from around Cardiff.

Instagram Friday – or IF for short – will showcase a selection of photos from an Instagram user each week.

Today’s IF-er is Therealdealpeel – check out their amazing array of graffiti and street art photos from as far afield as Amsterdam!! (Jealous) Their Instagram tag line? Keepin it real since 89! Loading . . . please wait . . . #mintaboi

Below is a selection of work from Colour Doomed, Rmer and Amoe set around the lanes behind Richmond Road, commissioned work for the Empty Walls Festival and an ape from Squid in the City Centre.

If you want to be selected as the next IF-er get in contact and your best Cardiff street art and graffiti photos could be featured here soon!


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