Anti Vincent Tan street art in Cardiff

What great timing for some topical street art to appear in Sevenoaks Park just days before a protest march of Cardiff City fans is planned – the art illustrates how some fans are feeling since the current owner took over at Cardiff City Football Club.
'Tan out' street art by Squid

'Tan out' street art by Squid
Just a short distance from the Cardiff City Stadium – this piece created by local artist Squid is a striking piece showing a miniature club owner, Vincent Tan being handled by a large monkey like character. (Could it be an irate ‘Sun Wukong‘ aka the Monkey King.)
'Tan out' street art by Squid
'Tan out' street art by SquidEven though Vincent Tan has been the first owner to elevate Cardiff City to The Premier League – all his efforts have not been appreciated by a proportion of the Cardiff faithful.

During his ownership Tan has essentially rebranded the club forcing them to play in a red strip at home games and may try to change the historic Bluebirds title to ‘The Dragons!’

Passionate fans have previously marched to the stadium to illustrate their feelings about the current issues at the club which earlier in the season resulted in the sacking of Malky Mackay.

'Tan out' street art by Squid
This piece of street art is a clear indication of how some fans feel towards Tan and is reflected in the BLUE tshirt that the ape is wearing – sporting the slogan ‘TAN OUT!’

The miniature Tan looks almost Russian doll like and has numerous pins poking into his head! (yikes!)
'Tan out' street art by Squid
The ape like character is even sporting a Bluebird crest on his shoulder. (i dont think tattoos work on gorillas!)
'Tan out' street art by Squid'Tan out' street art by Squid

'Tan out' street art by Squid

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