Dragon Phlegm in Cardiff


Born in North Wales but now residing in Sheffield, Phlegm is a cartoonist and illustrator known for his self-published comics and amazing graffiti and street art.

It was great to hear that Phlegm was to pay his first official visit to paint in Cardiff as part of the Empty Walls festival.

The event invited 12 local and international artists to transform the streets of Cardiff to bring colour, culture and vibrancy to the city.

Phlegm continually seems to be travelling all around the world spreading his huge pieces featuring large, quirky creatures on buildings, vehicles, structures and derelict areas throughout the planet!

Empty Walls: Phlegm

From afar I could see a glimpse of a huge piece of art nestling amongst a busy City Road in Cardiff. I couldn’t wait to see exactly what Phlegm had created on the side of this pub!

Empty Walls: Phlegm

And here it is in all it’s glory – The national symbol of Wales (The Dragon) meticulously painted across this huge canvas.

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Just look at all the detail that has gone into this piece – from the detail in the face to that crushing foot!
Empty Walls: PhlegmEmpty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: PhlegmEmpty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Empty Walls: Phlegm

Check out a whole host of other national and international artists that took part in the Empty Walls festival including 3Dom, Run and Helen Bur at the following link. https://diffgraff.wordpress.com/emptywalls

All the photos from the 2013 event can be viewed by following the link to the photos on Flickr:-

One Comment Add yours

  1. Lorraine Gregg says:

    Please could you contact me on: lorraine@greggagencies.co.za
    I found your artwork on the internet, and have fallen in love with this dragon.
    I am opening a Non Profit business for charity and would be honoured if you allowed us to use a portion of this dragon (a foot) for our logo. The charity to benefit from this business is SARDA Durban, South African Riding for the Disabled, Durban Branch.
    Our aim is to first start a clothing line and to progress to homeware — called DragOn Wear and DragOn Ware.
    The business is starting from scratch and unfortunately we are unable to pay for the logo. We would be very grateful if you considered our request to use your artwork, or to assist us with a new one?
    The logo would feature on the labels (inside and on the outside of the garment), & we are hoping the logo will eventually be recognised as the brand.
    Our aim is that all our products will be produced in the graffiti style and the purchasers will wear the garments as fashion items.
    We will initially be setting up a Web Page & Face Book, and will be able to link you to it, and advertise your artwork on these pages.
    Kind regards
    +(27) 82 377 2001


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