Shoreditch work in progress

There’s really is just so much to see on a wander around Shoreditch in London and on this visit it was great to catch an artist at work on his piece.

The artist Milo Tchais didn’t mind me taking some pics and chatted throughout. Hopefully I didn’t put him off his stroke whilst he worked on his masterpiece.

The grey coloured shutters had already been tagged and graffiti’d so it was begging for someone to come along and decorate them properly.
Here Milo began by laying down blocks of muted colour for the background with short periods of time waiting for the paint to dry.

Revisiting this location after an hour had passed to see how it was coming along and was really surprised to see many more colours and the whole piece starting to take shape.
Really loving the colour palette used in this one.

Still didn’t have any idea what was being created and he wasn’t giving me any clues either! (Was this to be a colourful enchanted forest?)

I’m sure he said it was going to take a few days to complete so I made a beeline for this location the next time I was around to see the finished piece.

As I had never heard of Milo before or was familiar with his work I had no idea what to expect but for some reason my expectation level was going to be a wavey, almost organic, colourful swirls with maybe a word spelt out. Oh how wrong could I have been!

Shoreditch Graffiti and Street Art


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