Stupid street signs?

Most cities are home to a rich tapestry of street names ranging from detailing local history, local characters and places to some that are just a bit odd!

People adding pictures, extra words or just deleting certain letters can give the street sign a totally different meaning!

Beginning with Canal Parade off Dumballs Road in Cardiff Bay.

Canal Parade, Grangetown, Cardiff

Street Signs, Cardiff

Street Signs, Cardiff

Above a nice simple Church Place sign has been amended to Church Peace just behind Marks and Spencers in the city centre.

Whilst below a conflict in the spelling of Carmarthen on opposing signs in… umm Carmarthen Street in Canton. The Welsh for Carmarthen is something totally different so I’ve got no idea where this random spelling of it has come from but it has lasted there for many years!

Carmarthen Street sign in CardiffCarmarthen Street sign in Cardiff

Street Signs, Cardiff

Street Signs, Cardiff

Above the aptly named System Street in Adamsdown has been amended to ‘Fuck The System’ on two of the street signs whilst another have the added words of ‘Smash the system into oblivion’

Street Signs, CardiffStreet Signs, Cardiff

Very strong words indeed – so something a bit more cheery and a Revolution sign on St Andrew’s Place near Cathays Park.

Revolution Love grafitti

How could you do a piece on street names in Cardiff without mentioning Fanny Street – all the street names in this area were named after wives of the builders – nothing untoward going on here – boooo!

Street Signs, Cardiff

And one final one from Sian Quincy and her amazing find just off Maes Y Coed Road:-
Elton John Court


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