Stinkfish in Bristol

Stinkfish is an artist from Colombia and has been travelling around the world painting huge colourful murals. His trademark style is normally a beautiful one layer stencil combined with some really colourful trademark abstract elements – here are a few examples from his own Flickr feed.

▼▼▼♦ ♦ ♦

He usually takes some candid photos of a person and then selects a shot to stencil onto a wall. Here he has selected this photo (Holanda from Amsterdam) and added the following text beneath it:-

I fell for a girl //
I fell in love once and almost completely //
she is in love with the world //
but sometimes those feelings are misleading //
she turned and said, are you okay? //
I said I must be fine //
because my heart is still beating […]
my left brain knows that all love is brief


Credit: Stinkfish

In June 2012, near the town end of Stokes Croft in Bristol, Stinkfish created this masterpiece which still sits gracefully on this corner wall – on display for everyone to appreciate.

GRAFFITI-Stokes Croft, Bristol

GRAFFITI-Stokes Croft, Bristol

GRAFFITI-Stokes Croft, Bristol

GRAFFITI-Stokes Croft, Bristol

GRAFFITI-Stokes Croft, BristolGRAFFITI-Stokes Croft, Bristol

Other graffiti artistes have also brightened up this spot with the addition of another interesting style with this girl and dog piece.

Below are two videos from Stinkfish’s Vimeo page showing a small ‘Problemas’ booklet and the destruction of some of his work in Colombia.

So here is the request!
If Stinkfish reads this I wonder if he could come and brighten up the walls of Wales up next time he is in the UK? Peace.

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