Wales Biggest Sticker Combo

I’m not entirely sure where to start with this post but it has become an ever increasing part of Cities around the World to not only include tagging, graffiti and amazing street art but also now the introduction of stickers too.

It may seem a little mundane BUT when a lot of these stickers are placed in the same position it can have quite an impact.
The term ‘Sticker Combo’ has been derived when a lot of different sticker and graffiti artists participate in a mass sticker session and target an individual area.

Lembo stickers
Lembo stickers

So on March 1st 2012 it was Wales’ Biggest Sticker Combo – a collaboration by 43 artists from Europe, America, Canada and Australia of around 600 stickers. Representation from Wales including the cat-crazy Lembo, Oner, Bimbo, CMK, Ripe and Winwns to name a few.
It took place on an unused garage building on Adam Street near The Atrium with someone managing to capture the spirit and excitement of getting these stickers up on the video below.

Lembo Cat street art
Lembo stickersLembo Cat street art

Lembo stickers

Lembo stickers

Wales Sticker Combo 2012

Lembo stickersLembo stickers

Lembo stickers

Lembo stickers

Lembo stickers
Lembo stickers

Lembo stickers

Lembo stickersLembo stickers

Lembo stickers

The full list of participants were:-

333 (Wales),
7U? (Australia),
Agonsticko (Italy),
Beryl Magoo (England),
Bimbo (Wales),
Central Elements Art Collective (USA),
Cetusss (Switzerland),
CMK (Wales),
Dan Pap (Greece),
Ebenholz Stencils (Germany),
Friza (England),
HaHa (Australia),
HalloKarlo (Germany),
Jam Dy Fam (Wales),
Julia Die Pun Katze (Austria),
Kova (England),
KVLT1 (England),
Lembo (Wales),
Lika (Wales),

M.Val (France),
Malukru (England),
Merecoindice (Wales),
Mittenimwald (Germany),
Mr Kobo (Wales),
Nola Rising (USA),
Ogee Mesh (USA),
Oner (Wales),
Pickles (England),
Princesa Pirata (England),
R!Q (Germany),
Random Cats (USA),
Ripe (Wales),
Rx Skulls (USA),
Setdebelleza (Spain),
Silly Girl (USA),
Sladge 77 (Germany),
Starheadboy (USA),
Stelleconfuse (Italy),
Strax (Germany),
Tiaye Eskae (England),
Topher (Wales),
Winwns (Wales),

Zombie Art Squad (Canada)


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