Invisible art campaign for Amnesty International

Whilst walking along the City’s Cathedral Road at night and something was just catching my interest out of the corner of my eye! I wasn’t entirely sure what it was but there was something big and pink!
Pasteup on Cathedral Road, Cardiff.
Pasteup on Cathedral Road, Cardiff.
On inspection it was numerous strips of paper pasted onto some railings. At first sight you could’t see anything but move into position and the face of someone appeared.
Further investigating online and it seems that it was a world-wide incentive to highlight the latest campaign from Amnesty International with Cardiff taking part and using bi-lingual signs aswell. This taken from their own website:-

“Amnesty UK is bringing the world’s attention to the faces and stories of some of the cases for Amnesty International’s letter writing campaign.

Art for Amnesty, in collaboration with the German street art collective Mentalgassi, have created a piece of street art as a creative tool to ‘shine a light’ on four of this year’s Write for Rights cases.

The four faces – of Filep Karma, Natalia Estimirova, Jabbar Savalan and Fatima Hussein Badi – have been pasted onto fence railings. The images are only visible to those approaching the fences – and invisible from front on.”

Pasteup on Cathedral Road, Cardiff.

They have even produced a video showcasing this type of art and campaign.


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