Eaten by that Naughty Stickman

There have been many displays of art under the bridge that carries the Western Avenue (A48) over the River Taff near the UWIC campus in Llandaf.
The first photo I took was back in September 2010 where this great little red character featured predominently under the bridge.
Ask face on River Taff
Grafitti in Cardiff.
Fast forward six months to January 2011 and a larger character had appeared by local artist ‘Eat’. This time featuring a much bigger face and now with some hands and the outline of a body. He was featured in a post detailing “how Cardiff Council was implementing new flood watch measures.”
Graffiti around Cardiff.
Taff Trail grafitti
Captured in September 2011 and the Eat character has now been modified by another local artist ‘Dis’! (Some may call it a collaboration – others vandalism!) Famous for his Naughty Stickman which he likes to call ‘The Face’ it seems he has plastered his face all over this face!

Check out my previous run-in with Dis and his Naughty Stickman here.
Taff Trail grafitti


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