Enta legal art opposite Chapter Arts Centre

Graffiti in Canton
There is a small legal wall featuring various pieces of art opposite Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff.

It’s essentially a small wall at the side of someone’s house who have allowed artwork to be displayed there.

The first piece sprung up back in December in 2010 and was of a cute little chav girl – but it seemed like they were interupted mid-flow when Rhodri Morgan and other dignatories passed!
Graffiti in Canton
The piece was painted over in January 2011 and replaced in a total contrast to the previous chav girl! A much more refined character exercising on a medicine ball?
Balancing Girl art in Canton
Enta grafitti, Canton, CardiffNext up and a break from the previous character-based work and this time some text featuring a ‘Hip hop’ theme in June. A very good use of colour and a bold statement of ‘Hip hop…FOREVER’
I really do like the way that each design covers the previous but also leave a hint of what was previously there!
Enta-Hip hop grafitti
Fast forward to early July and a design featuring two horses and the tag line “Cosmic mates” – loads of love hearts and even more amazing colours.
Grafitti-Enta in Canton
Enta grafitti, Canton, Cardiff

And finally in late July it was amended replacing the horses with a rose and leaf. All of these were produced by local artist Enta and you can see more of her work on Flickr.

Are there any i’ve missed out? Does anyone know anymore about this project or wall? Get in touch!
Enta grafitti, Canton, Cardiff


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