Preparations for RoxeJam 2011

RoxeJam Preparations 2011
RoxeJam Preparations 2011
The RoxeJam was originally set up in 2007 by Lou Lockwood as a memorial to her son Bill(aka Roxer), who had died in a road accident.

It’s a 2 day free event held at SevenOaks Park in Grangetown, Cardiff bringing together all elements of hip hop and graffiti culture.
The main attraction is most definately the huge 140m graffiti wall which is re-decorated yearly as a collaboration between graffiti artists from the local area and from across the whole of the UK.

RoxeJam Preparations 2011
Roxejam GraffitiRoxeJam Preparations 2011

Prior to the event all the previous artwork was painted over with black paint ready for this year’s creations.

Lovingly one piece of work has been requested to be left there as a tribute to another local grafitti artist (Gorf) who had passed away since taking part in last year’s RoxeJam 😦
RoxeJam Preparations 2011

The 2010 wall can be viewed at


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