New DWG tag appearing in Cardiff

DWG Grafitti
Wandering between the City Centre and Pontcanton I noticed some new grafitti tags springing up in Canton and Riverside. Attempting to be more colourful than the usual tags and sprayed in some prominent positions too.
First up under the subway that connects Bute Park by Cardiff Castle going under North Road to the Civic Centre by the City Hall – with one finished and one not so finished.
DWG Grafitti
DWG GrafittiCMK/DWG Grafitti
Next up was another colourful tag just opposite the Millennium Stadium splashed across the gable end of someone’s house! Still can’t make my mind up if they read DUC, DWG, DUG….etc answers on a postcard please!
DUC Grafitti
DUC Grafitti
Moving further around towards Pontcanton and another display near the old Millers pub. I love it when someone grafitti’s someone else’s grafitti – especially when it’s rude or childish (or both in this case!) Im not enitrely sure whether the RIP text reads Obama or Osama – has the grafitti been graffiti’d three times?
DUC Grafitti

DUC Grafitti
DUC Grafitti
DUC Grafitti


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