Local council implement new flood measures.

Well after only one days worth of (decent) rain it seems that the rivers of Cardiff have filled up pretty damn quickly and are now practically full and flowing very fast! Both the River Ely and Taff are affected with official flooding warnings being issued for parts of the River Ely this morning by the Environment Agency.

But this was the scene at the Gabalfa bridge crossing the River Taff in a relatively dry 2010.
Ask face on River Taff

A single red alien graced the walls keeping check on the water levels on the river throughout a relatively dry year- but come 2011 – further action was required and the red alien was superceeded by a big cheif taking a much more keener eye on the river.
Graffiti around Cardiff.
Graffiti around Cardiff.
Traditional water level measuring methods now seemed obsolete and uesless as the rain continued and unable to cope with the ever increasing water levels.
River Taff in Flood
River Taff in Flood
It’s now the middle of January 2011 and after a few days worth of rain and the big cheif is now certainly earning his money keeping an ever closer eye on the river levels! Whatever happened to his beard?
Grafitti in Cardiff.
Grafitti in Cardiff.
If the rain continues and water levels raise even further im not entirely sure what action the council will take next?! Answers on a postcard please!


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