More whale characters from Spades

Cardiff Graffiti Characters by Spade
The third in a series of unearthing these great little graffiti characters dotted around Cardiff City Centre.
Im not entirely sure how to describe them but people have previously named them Whales or Blobs!
I spotted the first few in Cardiff Bus Station in the small alleyway that runs alongside the Cardiff Council drop in centre.

Spades Graffiti CharactersSpades Graffiti CharactersSpades Graffiti Characters
Spades Graffiti Characters

Next up were a few I found right in the middle of The Hayes and above the sign for La Fosse restaurant! It was quite ambitious to get up on that small roof and produce this in such a wide open public space! Im sure there must be LOADS of cctv cameras around here aswell!
Graffiti Character in The Hayes
Graffiti Character in The HayesGraffiti Character in The Hayes

There is a small back lane that runs from near Queen Street Station to the back of Cardiff Prison (I never ever knew this lane existed – but was intrigued to find 4 or 5 Cardiff traffic enforcement officers lurking down this alley!)
Down here were two more great blobby whale character things! I think i’ve just been able to decypher the tag aswell as “SPADES” – only taken me about 3 months to do that!
Cardiff Graffiti Characters No3
Cardiff Graffiti Characters No3

Cardiff Graffiti Characters No1
Graf Characters in Cardiff no 3

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